Chapter 17.160


17.160.010    Purpose.

17.160.020    Uses permitted and design standards.

17.160.030    Special provisions.

17.160.010 Purpose.

The primary land use allowed in this zone is commercial timber production and harvesting. This zone is further intended to discourage activities and facilities which can be considered detrimental to the production and commercial harvest of timber. Residents located within or adjacent to the forest resource lands zone (FRL) shall recognize that they can be subject to normal and accepted forestry practices on parcels located within this zone.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.160.020 Uses permitted and design standards.

A.    Uses Permitted: Section 17.410.042, Rural, resource, and urban residential zones use table.

B.    Design Standards: Section 17.420.052, Rural, resource, and urban residential zones density and dimensions table.

1.    Density;

2.    Lot dimensions;

3.    Lot coverage standards;

4.    Height regulations;

5.    Setbacks.

C.    Chapter 17.105, Interpretations and Exceptions.

D.    Chapter 17.440, Master Planning.

E.    Chapter 17.450, Performance Based Development.

F.    Chapter 17.490, Off-Street Parking and Loading.

G.    Chapter 17.500, Landscaping.

H.    Chapter 17.510, Sign Code.

I.    Chapter 17.580, Transfer of Development Rights.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.160.030 Special provisions.

All plats, short plats, development permits and building permits issued for land development activities on or within five hundred feet of designated forest resource lands (FRL) shall contain the following notice:

The subject property is within or near land in which timber production and harvest activities are permitted and encouraged, including a variety of activities which may not be compatible with residential use for certain periods of limited duration. In addition to other activities, these may include noise, dust, smoke, visual impacts and odors resulting from harvesting, planting, application of fertilizers, herbicides and associated reclamation and management activities. When performed in accordance with state and federal law, these resource activities are not subject to legal action as a nuisance.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)