Chapter 17.220


17.220.010    Purpose.

17.220.020    Uses permitted and design standards.

17.220.030    Special provisions.

17.220.010 Purpose.

This zone is intended to provide for higher densities where a full range of community services and facilities are present or will be present at the time of development. This zone is also intended to create energy-efficient residential areas by allowing common wall construction, as well as to facilitate residential development which utilizes cost-efficient design.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.220.020 Uses permitted and design standards.

A.    Uses Permitted: Section 17.410.042, Rural, resource, and urban residential zones use table.

B.    Design Standards: Section 17.420.052, Rural, resource, and urban residential zones density and dimensions table.

1.    Density;

2.    Lot dimensions;

3.    Lot coverage standards;

4.    Height regulations;

5.    Setbacks.

C.    Chapter 17.105, Interpretations and Exceptions.

D.    Chapter 17.440, Master Planning.

E.    Chapter 17.450, Performance Based Development.

F.    Chapter 17.490, Off-Street Parking and Loading.

G.    Chapter 17.500, Landscaping.

H.    Chapter 17.510, Sign Code.

I.    Chapter 17.580, Transfer of Development Rights.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.220.030 Special provisions.

For multifamily development, see Chapter 17.470, Multifamily Development – Design Criteria.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)