Chapter 17.340


17.340.010    Purpose.

17.340.020    Uses permitted and design standards.

17.340.030    Special provisions.

17.340.010 Purpose.

The intent of this zone is to create long-term consistency between the purpose for the purchase of parks and open space properties and the zoning regulations that apply to their development. Properties zoned as parks include all parks identified in the Kitsap County park inventory list and Washington State Parks. Parks properties are intended for the development of parks, open space areas and recreational facilities for the benefit of the citizens of Kitsap County. Uses for these properties should be limited to those serving this purpose.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.340.020 Uses permitted and design standards.

A.    Uses Permitted: Section 17.410.044, Commercial, industrial, parks and public facility zones use table.

B.    Design Standards: Section 17.420.054, Commercial, industrial, and parks zones density and dimensions table.

1.    Density;

2.    Lot dimensions;

3.    Lot coverage standards;

4.    Height regulations;

5.    Setbacks.

C.    Chapter 17.105, Interpretations and Exceptions.

D.    Chapter 17.440, Master Planning.

E.    Chapter 17.450, Performance Based Development.

F.    Chapter 17.490, Off-Street Parking and Loading.

G.    Chapter 17.500, Landscaping.

H.    Chapter 17.510, Sign Code.

I.    Chapter 17.580, Transfer of Development Rights.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)

17.340.030 Special provisions.

Development within this zone must be consistent with the Parks and Open Space chapter of the Comprehensive Plan and other titles of Kitsap County Code.

(Ord. 534 (2016) § 7(5) (App. E) (part), 2016)