Chapter 17.352


17.352.010    Purpose.

17.352.020    Uses.

17.352.030    Standards and requirements.

17.352.040    Off-street parking.

17.352.050    Signs.

17.352.060    Landscaping.

17.352.070    Residential recreational open space.

17.352.010 Purpose.

This proposed mixed use zone is intended to encourage flexible land uses, recognizing that the exact configuration of uses must be responsive to community needs and market conditions. Accordingly, commercial and residential uses may be mixed either vertically or horizontally in the MU zone. Such a mix of uses is encouraged within individual projects and/or between adjacent projects. The MU zone is intended to foster a development pattern focused on the public street that will provide for an integrated, compatible mix of single and multi-family housing and commercial businesses and services. Mixed use development as defined by Section 17.110.485 is encouraged within this zone but not required.

(Ord. 415 (2008) § 115, 2008: Ord. 367 (2006) § 66 (part), 2006)

17.352.020 Uses.

A.    Uses shall be allowed in accordance with Chapter 17.381 and Table 17.381.040(B), Commercial and Mixed Use Zones use table.

B.    Uses allowed in the Highway Tourist Commercial (HTC) zone but prohibited in the Mixed Use (MU) zone may be allowed on MU zoned properties, provided:

1.    The site is located along State Highway 303 or Bethel Road; and

2.    The use is reviewed in accordance with the administrative conditional use permit process, except for the following uses, which shall require hearing examiner conditional use permit review:

a.    Congregate care facilities;

b.    Fuel distributors;

c.    Outdoor movie theaters;

d.    Recreational vehicle camping parks; and

e.    Vehicle storage and towing.

(Ord. 415 (2008) § 116, 2008: Ord. 367 (2006) § 66 (part), 2006)

17.352.030 Standards and requirements.

Standards and requirements shall be in accordance with Chapter 17.382 and Table 17.382.070, Urban Commercial and Mixed Use Density and Dimensions Table.

(Ord. 367 (2006) § 66 (part), 2006)

17.352.040 Off-street parking.

Off-street parking shall be provided according to the provisions of Chapter 17.435.

(Ord. 367 (2006) § 66 (part), 2006)

17.352.050 Signs.

Signs shall be permitted according to the provisions of Chapter 17.445.

(Ord. 367 (2006) § 66 (part), 2006)

17.352.060 Landscaping.

Landscaping shall be provided according to the provisions of Chapter 17.385.

(Ord. 367 (2006) § 66 (part), 2006)

17.352.070 Residential recreational open space.

A.    For recreational open space provisions, see Section 17.425.040(C).

B.    For multi-family development, see Chapter 17.351, Multi-Family Development – Design Criteria.

(Ord. 415 (2008) § 117, 2008: Ord. 367 (2006) § 66 (part), 2006)