Chapter 17.525


17.525.010    Revocation for noncompliance with conditions.

17.525.020    Public hearing and public notice.

17.525.010 Revocation for noncompliance with conditions.

Any master plan, performance based development permit, administrative conditional use permit, hearing examiner conditional use permit, or variance granted in accordance with the terms of this title, may be revoked if any of the conditions or terms of such permit or variance are violated, or if any law or ordinance is violated in connection therewith. If, after notice and hearing, a performance based development permit is revoked for a substantial violation of any of its conditions, the board of county commissioners may reconsider any zone change granted in connection with the performance based development, and restore the zoning existing prior to the permit notwithstanding improvements constructed prior to such revocations; but any such proposed change of zone shall follow the procedures otherwise specified herein for zone changes.

(Ord. 415 (2008) § 224, 2008: Ord. 367 (2006) § 125, 2006: Ord. 216 (1998) § 4 (part), 1998)

17.525.020 Public hearing and public notice.

The hearing examiner shall hold a public hearing on any proposed revocation after giving written notice to the permittee and to other owners of property consistent with Title 21 of this code.

(Ord. 216 (1998) § 4 (part), 1998)