Chapter 16.68


16.68.010    Purpose.

16.68.020    City Subdivision Ordinance adopted – Exceptions.

16.68.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to recognize the adoption of the Poulsbo Subarea Plan and designation of the Poulsbo Urban Growth Area (UGA), and to provide for development within the UGA that is consistent with the city of Poulsbo’s existing development standards, thereby allowing for a smooth transition of the UGA into the city’s corporate limits through future annexations.

(Ord. 489 (2012) § 2 (part), 2012: Ord. 483 (2012) § 2 (Att. 1), 2012)

16.68.020 City Subdivision Ordinance adopted – Exceptions.

A.    Subject to the changes and exceptions listed in this section, the Subdivision Ordinance adopted by the city of Poulsbo on December 28, 1994 (Poulsbo Municipal Code Title 17), is adopted and incorporated herein by reference for the sole purpose of regulating land division and development within the Poulsbo Urban Transition Area, as depicted on the county’s Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map:

1.    “Comprehensive plan” means the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan;

2.    “Director” means the director of the Kitsap County department of community development;

3.    “City” or the “city of Poulsbo” means Kitsap County or Poulsbo Urban Transition Area, as the context may require;

4.    “City council” means county;

5.    For matters covered by the following sections and chapters of the city of Poulsbo’s Subdivision Ordinance, the equivalent county regulations, if any, shall apply instead:

a.    Chapter 17.04, General Provisions;

b.    Chapter 17.08, Preliminary Plat:


i.    17.08.010, Application – Requirements;

ii.    17.08.020, Preparation;

iii.    17.08.030, Application review – Responsibility;

iv.    17.08.040, Hearing notice;

v.    17.08.050, Review;

vi.    17.08.060, Hearing procedure;

vii.    17.08.070, Criteria for recommendation;

viii.    17.08.170, Planning commission report and recommendation;

ix.    17.08.180, Council consideration;

x.    17.08.200, Approval decision notification;

xi.    17.08.210, Expiration of approval;

c.    Chapter 17.12, Final Plat;

d.    Chapter 17.16, Short Plats and Short Subdivisions;

e.    Chapter 17.20, All Plats:


i.    17.20.010, Improvement plans – All maps;

ii.    17.20.020, Improvement agreement;

iii.    17.20.030, Improvement security;

iv.    17.20.040, Completion of improvements;

v.    17.20.050, Acceptance of improvements;

vi.    17.20.070, Appeal to city council;

f.    Chapter 17.24, Administration and Enforcement;

B.    If it is not clear from subsection (A) of this section whether the city Subdivision Ordinance or county regulations apply, then this Section 16.68.020 shall be interpreted in accordance with the following general rules:

1.    The substantive requirements of the city’s Subdivision Ordinance apply instead of the substantive requirements of this title; and

2.    The procedural requirements for reviewing and processing development permits and for appeals of decisions on such permits, as well as any other procedural requirements of this title, and the procedural requirements of the county’s procedures ordinance (Chapter 21.04), apply instead of the procedural requirements of the city’s Subdivision Ordinance.

(Ord. 489 (2012) § 2 (part), 2012: Ord. 483 (2012) § 2 (Att. 1), 2012)